Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Free Online Chinese Language Course Announcement & Application
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1. About the Course

This Free Online Chinese language course is for international students, especially for those who intend to study in China.

2. Time Schedule 

(1).Total 20 hours in 4 weeks, one 2-hour class at every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon 4:00-6:00 pm (China time).

(2).Time to start: The course is valid for a long time. When the course application group reach 200+ members.


3. Course Objectives

(1).Getting full knowledge and skills of Chinese writing & typing.

(2).Learning native Chinese pronunciation.

(3).Listening, speaking, reading, writing and typing of 140 words, 250 phrases and 140 sentences.

In 20 hours, students will get solid Chinese writing, typing and pronouncing skills and have basic reading.

4. Requirements

Learners need to register at University SHUPL (Shanghai University of Political Science and Law) student system ( and:  

1) Have a computer with internet, better to also have a numeric keyboard.

2) Attend each class or watch playback.

3) Spend 1+ hour to do homework daily and submit assignments on time.

4) After each class, the student must post course information (text + images/videos) to your social communities, to help to introduce this free online course to others.

5) Must take the final examination, do a course survey, and write your comments & suggestions for the course. 

Excellent students will be granted a completion certificate.

Anyone who fails to meet the above 2nd, 3rd, and 4th requirements, the first time will get a warning, and second time will be removed from the study group.  


5. Join In

Please contact the university teachers.


Tel: +86 139 2420 3557