2022 Shanghai Open University “Immersion Hub” Short-term Online Program  for International Students is ready for application
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1.Program Introduction

Shanghai Open University's two-week Short-term Online Program for international students is a great chance for students to make them cloud city travel around Shanghai, experience the city's unique features, improve their Chinese language proficiency and appreciate Chinese culture.

The program combines online recorded sessions and live sessions with Q&A to customize students learning needs. The program is rich in content, offering a series of lectures including “Survival Chinese”, “Chinese Culture”, “Cultural Experience”, etc.


2.Schedule and Application Period:

(1).Duration of 2022 session:2 weeks (4 July-15 July)

(2).Deadline for program application: 6 June

3. Application Qualifications

Foreigners with valid passports, regardless of age or region.


4. Expenses

Shanghai Open University will enroll about 100 international students. The admitted students can participate in the online short-term courses for free, and all the program expenses shall be borne by Shanghai Open University.

5.Language of Short-term Courses

All the courses are dubbed or subtitled in English.

6.Contact Information

Tel: +86-21-25653412

Email: iieoffice@sou.edu.cn